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Gizmonic Industries Inc. LLC is pleased to announce that US-based Geek Critique has been named the best company in the world, so long as we define “companies” as “YouTube channels run by people named Josh Wallen.”

The selection was based on “margin performance” and “year-on-year growth” in a “number” of “financial” metrics in “2014.”

“We congratulate The Geek Critique and Josh Wallen for outstanding growth in profits and sales in 2014, as well as operating margins,” said Mr. Guyersonalopolis, Global Editor of Gizmonic, before taking a swig of the Drink for Men.

“I mean, the company made $0 in 2013, and has made at least one or two dollars this year, so anything counts as explosive growth,” he added.

Net income surged 1.2 billion percent, to upwards of $70. Wait, how does that make sense? Anything times $0 should still be $0, right? Oh, screw it.

“Due to the strength of our core businesses and strong cash generation, TGC has delivered four consecutive months of earnings growth and we are on track to continue growing in 2014,” said Josh Wallen, chairman and CEO of The Geek Critique.

“Our strong financial position gives us the flexibility to set a brand trajectory using management’s philosophy with strong commitment to quality effectively enhancing corporate synergy, transitioning our company by awareness of functionality, promoting visibility and providing our supply chain with diversity. I remain confident that we will continue to create value and deliver growth in the years to come, or at least for the next month or two,” he added.


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The Geek Critique – Episode A2 – Wii U.

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The Geek Critique – Episode A1 – Wii U.

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In a Sonic game, the mechanics are simple, and in fact the games are usually super-easy to beat.

Sonic Generations was acclaimed by fans, but received middling review scores from mainstream critics.

But winning a Sonic game isn’t really the point. Most reviewers don’t see it that way, and that perceived lack of replayablility is what hurt Generations’ scores more than anything.

A Mario game is, more than anything, about winning. Finding all the MacGuffins, beating all the stages, getting to the end, saving the girl. Mario, and most other comparable platform games from Kirby to Donkey Kong to Rayman tend to have way, WAY more levels than Sonic typically does. They do that by re-using art assets, enemies and music in different ways in each level.

Sonic, however, has never strayed away from making each level its own world. With the exception of a few of the 3D titles, every single zone has its completely unique tropes, badniks, music and gimmicks that DON’T get reused anywhere else. Sonic games are easy to win, but difficult to master. Unfortunately for these reviewers, mastering the levels, finding the quickest or most rewarding paths, being able to show off your skills… that’s where the majority of Sonic’s replayability lies. Not in winning, but at becoming AMAZING at the game.

The way Sonic is reviewed would be like going through Guitar Hero on easy mode, beating it once, and reviewing the game based on THAT experience. Sonic, especially modern Sonic in Generations, does have a very high skill curve, and until you work your way up it, you’re going to go flying into pits and slamming into enemies sometimes. It’ll be frustrating, and that’s not something every gamer wants to push through.

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Found this on Reddit. Nice job cheating the system a little!

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I put this together back at the beginning of 2010. It’s the only time I’ve ever spent that much time on a video project. It didn’t get much of a response at all, because let’s face it, I was even more of a no-name then than I am now, haha. Nobody cared what I thought the best games were. Regardless, I did enjoy putting it all together.

Interestingly though, I actually disagree with my number 1 choice now. Uncharted 2 was a wonderful game, but its cinematic elements gave it almost no replayability.

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By and large, I agree with what Bob said here. The big thing I disagree on is the idea that a first-person perspective can only really work with shooters. Minecraft and Portal alone call that into question.

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