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For one day only, even less than usual is possible at

So! Much of the internet is protesting SOPA and Protect IP today, and it’s kind of fascinating.

I’m a big believer in a free and open internet. I’ve been regularly using the web since 1995 (I was seven!), when most web pages looked… well, they looked like the theme I chose for this site. Plain backgrounds, black text, and few images.

I think the most notable site participating in a black-out is probably Wikipedia. Founder Jimmy Wales warned students, “Get your homework done early!” a few days ago, haha.

But the most surprising one to me is (pictured), which has otherwise been the exact same site mocking dot-com start ups since it was launched in 1999.

If SOPA is passed, it would greatly impact video gaming. There are a great, GREAT many amateur video game journalists and content producers out tre who make a living by talking about video games on the internet. Things like game reviews, “Let’s Plays”, and even a broader show like moviebob’s Game Overthinker could all be seen as copyright infringement, and it would VERY negatively impact the way the game industry functions on the internet.

And yet the Entertainment Software Association, which essentially represents the game industry in political matters, supports SOPA! It’s easy to see why on the one hand, I suppose. SOPA is being promoted under the guise of stopping online piracy, which certainly impacts the game industry. But what SOPA would really do is not stop piracy, but change the inner workings of the internet and give corporations WAY too much power to censor sites without due process.

I don’t think SOPA will be passed, at least not in this form, and I’m really proud to see so many organizations online taking a stand against it. Now, if it actually DOES pass, I think we’ll see even more protests. Can you imagine what it would be like if Google blacked out for a day?

Sonic the Hedghog fansite blacked out for the day.


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