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This isn’t really the beginning. This is just a class exercise. And I’ll tell you what, “exercise” is a funny word, and one that I’ve often struggled with spelling correctly. Even there, it took me… haha, Dunn just told us to MIS-spell a few words as we’re typing? You’re going to introduce us to Firefox’s automatic spell-check, aren’t you? Funny, then, that I was just about to talk about that.

I do love me some Firefox, though. Best browser I’ve ever used. Google Chrome might be faster sometimes, but Firefox’s plug-ins and customizations make it so much more worthwhile for a power user.

I guess I should stop babbling about technology and see if I can tie this into video games somehow, right? Ooh! I know!

This is a parody of “Gives You Hell” by Palette-Swap Ninja. And I ironically had trouble spelling “palette” right there. I think playing Pokemon confused me, as I wanted to mention Pallet Town.

Anyway, I love this song, and it’s so true. Younger/teenaged gamers often have all kinds of trouble spelling things correctly, and the existence of spell-checkers apparently alludes them. This has become much less of a problem in recent years, as it seems like when people get ot college, all those papers tends to make people write a whole lot gooder.

But when I was in high school, I was literally the only person I ever talked to who typed like this. That was probably for a couple of reasons…

1) I was read to a LOT as a kid, ever since I can remember. All the way through elementary school, I read at a consistently higher level than most of my peers. This was a blessing and a curse, because having to sit there for hours on end listening to my classmates VERY – SLOWLY – SOUND- OUT- EVERYTHING got really old.

2) For whatever reason, I easily understood and internalized basic grammar rules in elementary school.

3) I was present in the very early days of the internet, though I was 7. Back in those days, you would be mocked and not taken seriously if you didn’t type well. Eventually, of course, the n00bs far outnumbered the people who typed well.


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