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So! Screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II leaked over the weekend, being put up on the Xbox Live Marketplace along with an apparent release date of May 16, and what I think is an AWESOME new art style.

Sonic 4’s first episode in 2010, if I may draw an analogy, was like finally dating that girl you’d been wanting for years and years and finding out she’s utterly mediocre at relating to you, in personality, and, indeed, in the sack. It’s not AWFUL, it’s just not what something you’d devoted so many years to should’ve been.

Last year’s Sonic Generations, in contrast, was like the girl that you’re not looking for, who comes out of nowhere and completely turns your world upside down, and you realize that THIS is what you should’ve been after all this time.

Yes, I am alluding to my past and curent relationships as well, here, haha.

The point is, Sonic 4 was a disappointment, and it didn’t deserve to follow in the legacy of the Genesis series.

Sonic 4: Episode II, fortunately, looks a whole, whole lot better.

Gone are the bright, plastic-looking graphics. This is far more vivid and detailed, and looks a bit like watercolor to me. It’s beautiful, in any case.

Sega’s also promising a whole new physics engine which SHOULD much more accurately emulate the Genesis series’ pinball physics.

Needless to say, I’m really excited about this one. Sonic’s been on a HUGE upswing in recent years, and while I’m not expecting it to quite live up to Generations, I am expecting it to be worthy of being called Sonic 4. It’s another chance for the one who almost got away.

SOURCE: Sonic Retro


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