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I have a couple of friends who are playing this game. Aside from the absolute ridiculous idea one dude had to get it on 360 when he has a perfectly-capable gaming laptop, I’ve noticed something interesting…

These guys, straight across the board, do two things that are really, really odd to me:

1) They never TOUCH classic Sonic. They begrudgingly played through his levels to beat the game.

I mean, yeah, they REALLY knocked modern Sonic out of the park on this one, and both gameplay styles are equally fun, at least for me. I don’t really know what it is, either. Classic Sonic is slower and less-flashy, but the Act 1s also tend to be a lot more densely-packed… and a lot more can go wrong. Maybe that’s it? Act 1s aren’t as pretty and frustrate them?

2) They change the music on EVERY stage, most often to something like Live & Learn or Open Your Heart.

Changing the music all the bloody time annoys me, especially since when they play on my copy they never change it back. The Adventure-era had some great music, but it’s not the ONLY music, and most of the default remixes are already awesomely-suited to the level they’re in.


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