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My GOD, I really hate some of Sonic CD’s level design.

Gaaah. It’s not all bad. It’s just… too reminiscent of Sonic 1 with the volume turned up. Levels are like labyrinths sometimes, with elements that fling you out of control and some really, REALLY cheap traps that knock your rings right out of you (I’m looking at you, Stardust Speedway.) Levels are designs for exploration first, and don’t lend themselves nearly as well to a flowing, skill-based gameplay style as Sonic 2 and onward tend to. And it’s just incredibly frustrating and, to me, downright BORING to wander through these massive, sprawling levels looking for the badnik generators and struggling to hold onto my rings.

Wacky Workbench might be my least-favorite 2D level in the series. Seriously.

All of these level designs add up to make what could’ve been a real masterpiece into just a pretty good video game that only occasionally feels like what a Sonic game should.

Which is a shame, because everything else about the game is top-notch. Both soundtracks are epic, the art design is amazing, the controls and physics are perfect, the bosses are unique, and the special stages are some of my favorites in the series, in spite of their insane difficulty.

And I know there are plenty here would disagree vehemently with all this. And I’d actually be interested in how many of them like “modern” Sonic games. Because Sonic CD is just about as far in the opposite direction as you can go, and in my opinion, it’s way too far. Modern Sonic, when it’s done right, is all about skill and timing and reaction, while Sonic CD lends itself much better to exploration.

Like I said, it’s still a good game. And Taxman did an AWESOME job with this. I’ll still buy more copies, I’m sure. I just always wished Sonic CD’s level design let me play the way I prefer to.


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