Why are you still a fan of Sonic?   Leave a comment

Got an email asking this..

I just love it. I love everything about the setup of the original games, from the characters to the lighthearted plot to the world they live in. I still play the Genesis titles all the freakin’ time, and ROM hacks help keep that up.

No other game has made such a lasting impression. I never get tired of playing them, no matter how many times I fly through Emerald Hill Zone.

I grew up with Sonic, like a lot of us did. He was completely unrivaled awesome in my childhood, had some rockier times through my awkward teenage years, and now is finally establishing himself.

It’s not just nostalgia, either. I’m not jaded or cynical in the slightest. Sonic 4 wasn’t completely what I wanted, but it wasn’t half as bad as some here made it out to be and I have high hopes for Episode 2. I really liked Sonic Unleashed, I loved Colors, and Generations? Honestly probably my favorite Sonic game EVER right now, though we’ll have to see if it stands the test of time or dilapidates like the Adventures did.


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