Sonic 2 HD… keylogger?   Leave a comment

This doesn’t look like a keylogger at all to me, given the information provided. It doesn’t LOG anything, right? At best, L0st had some sloppy code. At worst, he was trying to disable screenshots and videos. But I don’t think he meant anything more malicious than that, given that the program doesn’t store anything it reads and doesn’t communicate anything back.

I haven’t uninstalled it. Reporting it like this without clearly defining what it does, calling it a keylogger when it evidently is not, and throwing unwarranted hysteria around is going to hurt Retro’s reputation more than L0st being an asshat with his code ever could.

That said, I understand why such swift precautions had to be taken. Even the possibility that it was a keylogger was cause for concern. I just wish we’d taken a few hours to discuss it as a community and taken more time to figure out what it was before letting it get out to mainstream gaming blogs.


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