Sonic Generations DLC I’d like to… See?   Leave a comment

DLC would ideally add one new stage per era. Assuming that, here’s what I’d like to see:

Gah, so many options! Can they just remake all the levels? 😛

Ice Cap is the most obvious and I think it’d be really well-received. Generations was missing a snow level.

If not that, I’d also like to see Carnival Night (if the 3DS is any indication, it would look absolutely beautiful with all those colors against a black backdrop).

Dark horse pick here? Hill Top Zone. They already have the swings, and I think outrunning the lava in Act 2 could be really showy and fun.

Lava Reef would be really cool, maybe featuring some elements of Mystic Cave, as Generations is wont to do.

Ice Cap again? Haha, but seriously…

I’d honestly have to go with Red Mountain as my #1 pick for this. Again, we could do that outrun-the-lava thing, and the musical remixes alone would be worth it.

Otherwise, I’d go with something like Final Rush, Crazy Gadget, or Final Egg – another trope Generations missed was an Eggman factory/base level. You could do that, and mix in elements of Scrap Brain and Death Egg.

Kingdom Valley, full stop. Running through that water vortex in a WONDERFUL game as opposed to a terrible one would be awesome.

Dragon Road was my favorite level in Unleashed, and it would be really cool, too.

From Colors, Starlight Carnival would be visually stunning.

DREAMCAST – Red Mountain
MODERN – Kingdom Valley

GENESIS – Carnival Night
MODERN – Dragon Road


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