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“New Super Mario Bros. 2,” released last month for the 3DS, has something unusual for a Mario game: a near-pointless, time-consuming goal.

The game asks players to collect one million coins, an arbitrary number if there ever was one. This challenge unlocks nothing more than  a new title screen and is so ridiculously out there that by the time I finished every level, I was less than a tenth of the way there.

It should not be fun.


There’s a “Coin Rush” mode, selectable from the title screen, where you play through three random levels. The trick is that by hitting the top of the end-level flagpole, your running total gets doubled. Therefore, the coins can REALLY rack up, and it’s actually fun to challenge your own tally over time.

Better yet, the 3DS’s StreetPass feature is utilized to share your best run with others and vice-versa. If you manage to beat someone else’s score, you’ll gain all the coins they got on their run in addition to your own.

As of today, I passed the halfway point to a million coins…


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For the first time since 2009, I actually bought a Wii game.

And this one’s a good one! Kirby’s Dream Collection features six past Kirby games, a really well-done museum, and new challenge levels from last year’s exceptional “Return to Dream Land.”

Really, this is the best anniversary game Nintendo’s ever done. It puts the Mario collection (LET’S PUT ALL-STARS ON A DISC) to shame.

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Geeks are, quite often, rather sedentary creatures. I’m no exception to that. And I found this picture on Reddit.

I have to wonder about the vagaries of this, though. I mean, I don’ think you’d be able to play anything that requires too much in-depth control. MMOs are unfortunately probably the best application.

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Now THAT’S some DLC I could get behind, Capcom! Whoever did this image perfectly captured the Street Fighter IV style.

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Actually, no. No they won’t.

That up there is a clip from a commercial for the Turbo CD, the absolutely-forgotten add-on to the also-unknown TurboGraf-X 16. For those wondering about the myriad of reasons the system failed, well, here was its mascot:

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Over the summer, Valve released its internal movie-making tool, the Source Filmmaker for public use. Fans being fans, they’re already making… well, just watch the video.

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I always felt like Sonic Generations’ music for Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 was TOO SLOW! (Here it is, for comparison’s sake.) So I edited this very awesome remix, and injected it into my game using CPKRedirect.

How’d it turn out?

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